The Long and Short of It- About Me

My name is Alyssa Rose and I am a teacher by birth. I have always and will always be an educator and a learner. I lived in Fenton, Michigan all of my life. I met the love of my life when I was 16 years old. He just didn’t know it. We began dating in college and 5 years later we were married. As I graduated from college, I began searching for teaching jobs and eventually found one in Centerville, Tennessee. There, I taught 8th grade English for the craziest group of students I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The faculty was amazing and I loved it. I stayed there for two years until finally my husband’s job moved us to Spring Hill, Tennessee, where I took a job as a 9th grade English teacher.

Right around that time, I decided that I wanted to get my Masters. But I wanted to get a Masters in something that I believed in and would use. A million Google searches later, I came across the Educational Technology degree at Boise State. It clicked for me. I knew immediately that this was what I was being called to do. I need to not only continue to work to improve my own classroom, but also help others find new inspiration through technology for their own curriculum. With two semesters under my belt, I am still continually amazed at all of the numerous FREE technological resources we truly have as educators.

About 3 days ago, my husband was offered a job up north in Michigan, so we are currently packing. It seems as though our lives are coming full circle as we embark on this new journey home. I am continuing to explore new ways to invoke creativity into my classroom and I am so excited about this course on Blogging. I have had so many wonderful experiences in education and I can’t wait to see how this course will provide more guidance and resources.


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