Online High Schools

I know of two or three schools in the area around my home that are utilizing online classes for students. Do you think this is the direction we are headed in, or do you think that there will always be a market for physical school locations? Please share!


16 thoughts on “Online High Schools

  1. Some schools in my area are going online as well. I think that there will always be a need of physical schools–some people do better face-to-face, some aren’t disciplined enough to be self-directed, and some just prefer to be around others.

  2. In Pennsylvania we have a cyber school–it is public. Students have a choice of going to cyber school or a mortar and brick school. I don’t think that mortar and brick schools will disappear because some students would rather go to this type of school in order to socialize with friends face to face. Some students like face to face interaction rather than the virtual interaction. I there had been a cyber school when I went to high school, I would gone that route myself.

  3. I think there will always be a physical presence as well. I love that students can have an option, however.

  4. Alyssa, this is actually the area that I research. I think that online schools can serve a certain segment of the population of students. But I don’t think that they will ever replace physical schools entirely. At this stage, there are many groups of students that simply don’t perform well in the online environment at all – the research tells us that much. What we are starting to see is more physical schools using online course material in their classrooms, which I think is probably where we are heading more and more.

  5. I don’t think that they will replace a physical school, but I do believe that they will become more plentiful. In Florida, they have just mandated that in order to graduate, you must take at least one online class. I work at a private school and now require every student to take at least one Florida Virtual School class.

  6. I think more and more classes will be offered this way, particularly for students who don’t do well in traditional schools. I don’t know if it is better or worse for secondary school – I think it depends on the student. I think socialization is so important at that age that there needs to be a way for the student to interact with other students.

  7. As the examples in the video pointed out, online courses offer students a wider opportunity to apply education to their lives and situation. I think the best approach is a blended one, where students have options to take courses online while still having a physical school to belong to for the face-to-face interactions, support, and courses that need more hands-on interaction (labs).

  8. Once the online school movement has had its day as the novel approach, I suspect that it will, like all things that ultimately have money at or near the bottom line, settle into a balanced state within the broader world of education. At this point, it is certain that online schooling has permanently reshaped education around the world. The extent of its influence and impact on existing, traditional educational settings, however, may only be clearly evident at the next swing of the pendulum when something else makes its appearance. Perhaps in 20-40 years we’ll be asking if online schools are in jeopardy of being replaced just as we are asking this about brick and mortar facilities now.

  9. I see commercials all the time for K-12 online schools. As both a parent and an educator, I can’t imagine sending my children to a school like this. I believe too firmly that children need social interaction. Of course, I’m sure plenty of home-schooled children receive social interaction in ways other than the classroom, but my concerns remain the same for those kids as well.

    • My nephew will be doing K12 through Florida Virtual School this fall for Kindergarten. I am a little sketchy on it only because children at that age really need socialization. Although, from what I understand, they have local field trips and opportunities for the kids to get together. I suppose we will see what this year brings for him. I am fortunate. I don’t have to think about these things for my own children. They come to school with me everyday to a private PK-12 school.

  10. One student once told me: “schools are a place where kids go while parents go to work” – there will always be a need and a desire for a ‘physical’ school. Not just for the reason quoted, of course…

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