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7 thoughts on “Technology Poll

  1. I voted for a smartboard. I have a Promethean board (which is similar, I guess) and I cannot imagine teaching without it. We also have digital projectors, so with the two I am marking up and highlighting everything under the sun. Video is great on the Pboard, too…start, stop, mark up. Students love it and both are so easy to use.

  2. I always wanted a smartboard, but sadly no funding. I found other ways to incorporate technology. I am taking a grant writing class in the fall and am really hoping that that helps me find some sources that will help create new opportunities to receive more because God knows our budget is not going up anytime soon.

  3. I voted for digital cameras. I have a Smartboard (and love it very much) and laptops (I love those, too). If I absolutely had to add to those two, then I would choose digital cameras–they would beat out the quality of the pictures/videos that webcams on the computer take.

  4. iPads, because you can do things with the apps that they can’t do with their laptops. And I had a smart board, but its still centered on one learner, and that isn’t student centered enough for my classroom. –dm

  5. I would have chosen SMARTBoard, but I already have one. So, I chose iPads. I would love to have a class set of iPads available for the teachers in my building to check out. I keep stumbling on app after app that are all so engaging and well done. Sigh….

  6. I am lucky enough to have all of the listed technologies in my classroom right now…except ipads. The ipad can incorporate many of the other technologies from one device such as the digital camera and thousands of applications. I love my Smartboard, but a class set of iPads would be awesome!

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