Prezi How-To

Recently, I posted about the benefits of as opposed to just using PowerPoint. Here is a short video that showcases how to make a simple presentation. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Prezi How-To

  1. I really like the finished look of Prezis, but I feel like the interface is not super user-friendly. I end up getting very frustrated when I work with it because I can’t get it the way I want to. Does anyone else find this also?

    • I have found prezi to be pretty user friendly, but my problem is that i dont put enough information on each slide and so I find myself clicking too much (and almost getting dizzy).

      • That’s funny Danica! My kids at first had to figure out what to write. They were so used to copying PARAGRAPHS onto slides. I like Prezi because it forces them to really simplify which means *GASP* not reading word for word from the slide and actually speaking to the audience lol.

  2. I did a Prezi presentation for one of my classes. I could not sit and do an entire Prezi becasue it made me feel sick. After it was completed, I was able to watch it but had trouble in creating it. It was weird! I like Prezi anyway!

  3. Prezis make me dizzy. It’s like hold on to your chair, here we goooooo! I find all the zooming around distracting, but then again, it is good to try something other than a boring PowerPoint.

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