Prezi, A New Spin on Presenting


 Why I love it:

*Extremely User-Friendly – Can be taught in 1-2 class periods depending upon the level of student you have

*Easily able to embed videos from Youtube, websites, pictures

*Can save their projects on the actual website instead of going through the hassle of downloading and hoping your computer is compatible

*Students can create pathways that are multidirectional and can take the shape of anything they can imagine, instead of the overused transitions from slide to slide in PowerPoint.

*Students can use shapes and colors to show relationships between key ideas

*Critical thinking skills must be used instead of just simply copying and pasting words into a slide.

*More time is spent creating and less time asking the teacher for the 40th time: “What is the minimum number of slides I have to have?!”


9 thoughts on “Prezi, A New Spin on Presenting

  1. I love Prezi! I think it is a great answer to PowerPoint. I really love this aspect that you pointed out: “*Can save their projects on the actual website instead of going through the hassle of downloading and hoping your computer is compatible.”

    I just wish it had audio so students could voice over their presentations.

  2. I have found trouble with Prezi–I can never seem to get the hang of it, and my students often get confused on how it works. What strategies have you found that make Prezi work for you?

    • Well, with my 8th graders we watched several Prezi presentations at first to start. We talked about the differences between PowerPoint and Prezi and how Prezi might be a more effective way to communicate during a presentation. I had a student that had used Prezi earlier and had made a short presentation. That student gave their presentation and then walked them through how he made it. I really think it is true that some students learn better from their peers. We watched some of the how-to videos and then took baby steps by creating a short pathway for a “how-to-do-something” speech. It had to be short just an intro, 3-5 main points and a conclusion. That really helped. I had them peer review each others presentations and really talk about what they liked and what they thought would make it more interesting. They took charge and a lot of the kids really got into it. But time is important. If you don’t have it, it’s difficult to try and cram it into only a few days of instruction.

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