Audio Post- Using Google Docs to Practice Writing

Can’t believe that she is able to do this with such young students! I’m impressed!


10 thoughts on “Audio Post- Using Google Docs to Practice Writing

  1. I agree with her that third graders are the best typists. They hunt and peck, and it becomes clear really quickly who has had experience typing before. Great ideas and I love the global interactions!

  2. She has a lot of great ideas! I really like her integration of WallWisher–it is something I have heard about but never used. I checked out the website, and I think I am hooked!

  3. Pretty cool! I like to find out about cross-currilcular assignments, and this one included writing, technology and geography!

  4. I love the international collaboration between classes at different grade levels. What a great way to learn from each other and begin to build global awareness in young children.


  5. I admire this teacher for embracing new ways to write with her students. It makes sense that using this technology would save time with instantly receiving student work by email rather than collecting and reading papers.
    I was also wondering how she located the classrooms to collaborate with.

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