The Short List: Great Technology Resources for Teachers


The Short List:

Here is a short list of some great resources that I have used in my own classroom. Enjoy!

*Could be used for short foreign language conversations, working on complete sentences, explaining big concepts into simple terms, etc.

*Great for project use in any subject or for an art project.

* great for use with projects!

*Great place for teachers to create extraordinary documents for their students!

*Create animated presentations online!

*create video slideshows in seconds!

*Create animated movies through storytelling with this easy to use program!

*Have students use this program for creating extraordinary presentations!

*Great website for teachers that gives different ways to use technology in classroom as well as modes for assessments.

*This site is a Verizon Wireless foundation, but it is an awesome resource for technology based lesson plans and you can search for specific subjects. It also gives you extra interactive games and videos to go with the lessons!


2 thoughts on “The Short List: Great Technology Resources for Teachers

  1. Alyssa, these are the kinds of annotations I was thinking of when I commented on your links entry. Nothing extensive, but enough to give your readers an idea of why you chose these items for your list. Well done!

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